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Food Plots

Long before I created David's Landscaping and Design I became aware of game animal food plots. Over a 50 year period of time I've observed many interesting facts about animal feeding habits. In the early days, the farmers planted fields of corn, clover, alfalfa and so on. Routinely the deer and turkeys would graze for hours in the fields. Later on when I was hunting I would find Deer in beds close to where they ate, and many times close to fields and fencing. When I went hunting in the (big woods) I found much smaller deer than what I was used to seeing in our area, more proof of what food plots can do for deer. These food plots can not only grow bigger bucks but they will keep your whole deer herd healthier.

As a sportsman and a hunter we made a decision to start installing food plots. David's Landscaping and Design made the investment and purchased equipment and attachments and have now started planting food plots. We've done extensive research on this subject. Now, we are ready to install your food plot!

We are in the Pennsylvania Hunting and Trapping Digest and also on the web.

Whitetail Institute, and Preferred Seed are 2 companies we work with almost exclusively. Both companies have treated us extremely fair and both have good customer relations. We service a large part of northeast. We also do drainage and gravel driveways. We can do major landscaping for any client, it doesn’t matter how luxurious your camp is. Call us today and ask us what we can do for you!!! 814-664-8803

Food Plots
Food Plots

"Trophy Game"
Food Plots

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