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  • David's Landscaping and Design
  • David's Landscaping and Design
Travertine is a popular material for outdoor improvement projects because of its exceptional features and numerous applications. This particular stone is perfect for any kind of outdoor feature – pool deck, patio, courtyard, walkway, driveway, and more. When you tap our help to take care of your travertine installation project, we will make your outdoors look more elegant, functional, and inviting. We have the resources and skilled manpower required to guarantee clients outstanding travertine amenities.

Call us today at (814) 664-8803 or (814) 833-2600 to get a free cost estimate for your travertine installation project.

Why Choose Travertine for Your Hardscape Features?

Travertine is highly favored by contractors and DIY homeowners because of its outstanding qualities. First is its design flexibility. Travertine comes in a wide array of colors, textures, shapes, and designs that allows landscapers to achieve very specific look. Additionally, it is relatively cheaper compared with granite, marble, and other natural stone pavers. Travertine also enhances the appeal of any area where it’s used as primary material. Finally, it is versatile, as it can be used to create different hardscapes and paver amenities including patios, walkways, decks, steps, gazebo, outdoor kitchen, sidewalks, and driveways. It’s safe to say that travertine is like the gemstone of paver materials with its outstanding uses and features.

We are Expert Travertine Installers

Whenever we work on travertine installation projects, we always send our well-trained and experienced crews to handle the job. If you’re looking for experts in this specific task, then we’re the best people to hire. We know the right installation methods and the appropriate tools and equipment to use. Our crews always ensure proper site preparation so the travertine paving will not settle or get damaged. Through the years, we have created stunning outdoor kitchens, garden steps, patios, walkways, pool decks, driveways, court yards, and gazebos across New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. Ultimately, we have become well trusted by clients in the areas we serve, a reputation that we seek to preserve for decades to come.

Enjoy Stunning Outdoor Features with Real Travertine

At David’s Landscaping and Design, we use only natural travertine pavers from our trusted partner supplier TruStone Distributors. The travertine pavers that TruStone offers do not necessitate sand in joints as they are calibrated and rectified already. Another excellent characteristic of real travertine stone is it allows moisture to escape, so damages on the paver units are avoided during freeze-thaw cycles. Moreover, the high friction coefficient of the travertine makes it slip-resistant even when the surface is wet. TruStone premium travertine products are extremely durable and have PSI strength graded above concrete materials. Finally, the many available colors and design possibilities mean that we can achieve a highly customized look for your outdoor features and amenities. The natural beauty of this stone always results in breathtaking features, whether built indoors or outdoors.

Aside from pavers, TruStone also have other travertine products like coping and column caps, so we can get all the products needed for your hardscaping project. Just call us when you need assistance in deciding the overall theme or design for your planned travertine installation project. With real travertine, we can easily build your dream outdoor features and amenities.

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