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Wildflowers Planting

Many property owners in and around Corry, PA grapple with identifying which flowers are traditional and which can be categorized as wildflowers. It’s important to grow wildflowers that are resilient and able to sustain themselves even in areas where the chances of grass and weed growth is higher. Installing resilient wildflowers that are attractive to deer, is about working with a company like ours that has extensive experience in the field.

Wildflower Installation Planning

We at David’s Landscaping and Design have been in this industry for over 20 years and have planned and developed wildflower plantings on properties in Erie, Pittsburgh, Edinboro, and Girard. Our company has catered to clients in Fairview, Harborcreek, and Millcreek too. We have successfully designed and planted food plots for clients in Union City, Pavers Waterford, Warren, and the surrounding areas as well.

If you are installing wildflowers in a conversation planting area or around a food plot, you need to choose the flowers wisely. There are a number of wildflowers that will repel deer and keep them away from your property. This is exactly why you need the kind of expert knowledge that we provide, to help you choose the right types of wildflower plants for your property.

Types of Wildflowers to Install

Adding the right types of plants and wildflowers to the area will help attract deer. Even though many of these plants are a known food source for wild deer, their success will largely depend on weather conditions as well as the local deer population. Some wildflowers and plants that are especially attractive to deer include:

  • Cranesbill or hardy geranium - This thrives in partial shade/full sun, producing very dark pink blooms during early spring right through late summer.
  • Snowberry, elderberry and serviceberry - These berry-producing shrubs attract wildlife including deer.
  • Cherries, persimmon and plums - These are small fruit-bearing trees that deer love to nibble on.
  • Browsing and foraging crops - Flowering perennial foraging crops such as alfalfa help attract deer. These animals also like to browse through white ladino clover, red clover and alsike clover which grow well in sunny areas.

What are the Benefits Wildflowers and Foraging Crops?

There are several benefits of planning and installing wildflowers in various areas of your land in order to attract deer:

  • These wildflowers mentioned above and many others are extremely attractive to deer. It’s a good idea to include these in your conservation planting project.
  • If wildflowers are planted properly, they don’t need much maintenance or care. The natural environment provides enough nurturing for these plants to thrive.
  • Wildflowers are environmentally-friendly because they don’t consume excess water.
  • They are also very attractive and will add to the beauty of your property. These flowers come in different colors, shapes and sizes, which make them an attractive option for every property owner.

The Best Wildflower Seeds

We source our seeds & work with Ernst Seeds. They grow, process, and sell a variety of wildflower seeds that flourish in natural environments. Their conservation seed options are perfect for the wildflower areas as they are all naturalized and specially designed to thrive in the s natural soil conditions and climate of the area.

For customized wildflower planning and installation services, feel free to contact David’s Landscaping and Design at 814-664-8803. You can also Contact the Owner via this form and send your project requirements.

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