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Landscaping Erie, PA

Landscaping Erie, PA

Landscaping - Erie

David’s Landscaping and Design distinguishes itself from the competition by offering a personal touch that has endeared the company to its clients. We know that by being a family-owned entity, property owners from Erie, Corry, Waterford, and other PA cities are expecting us to treat our handled projects as if they’re our own. And, time and again, we never fail to satisfy such expectation.

Our experience, licenses, certifications, and past results ultimately make us the right company for any landscaping job anywhere in Pennsylvania. With a professional and unique approach to every project, clients like you are sure to be amazed at your property’s transformation through our expertise. Contact us today and let us show you the brand of excellent workmanship and client service that have made us one of the state’s most reputable companies.

Landscaping Erie, PA

Our Landscape Designs

Experience tells us that every landscape project is unique and should be handled in a manner that would satisfy the project’s specific requirements. With this, we always go for a personalized and customized approach to each of our landscaping projects. This means that we create design proposals based on the needs of the area – the required grade, the landscape amenities, the soil type, and similar other considerations.

We also use modern design tools that allow us to create highly detailed and visually stunning designs. For example, we use Digital Dreamscape technology in which we take pictures of properties and then digitally alter them to create full-color and detailed designs.

Technology aside, the landscape designs that we make exhibit our keen sense of design knowledge since we always ensure harmony, balance, and functionality of the landscape features that we include in our proposals. This is our way of assuring clients in Erie, PA and in nearby cities that they will have a landscape that is not only stunning but also provides practical benefits that they can enjoy.

Landscaping Erie, PA

Expert Landscape Installation

Our company is led by David Demby, an authority in the landscaping industry. He has the experience and proper education in landscape design and horticulture. This means that aside from expert installation of various outdoor structures, we can also provide the right plantings to create perfect balance of hardscape and softscape elements in your landscape. We use healthy plantings, such as shrubs, trees, perennials, vines, and annuals, from trusted sources to guarantee truly relaxing outdoor spaces.

We also have task-appropriate machinery, such as compactors, aerators, backhoes, power rakes, and other equipment that lets us perform all sorts of landscape operations. These pieces of equipment also allow us to complete our projects on time since we are able to efficiently carry on even the most labor-intensive tasks.

We also have licensed and certified installers who are skilled in every aspect of landscape installation. We likewise employ a dedicated horticulturist who leads the team to determining the right plantings to use in specific projects.

Landscaping Erie, PA

We Offer Personalized Landscaping Services

For 19 years, we have managed to build a solid reputation as a landscaping company that renders expert services on a personalized approach. This means that we treat every project uniquely and that we always have dedicated personnel who are fully hands-on with the project. We’ve been providing this kind of service to property owners in Erie and surrounding areas.

So call us today and let us make your dream landscape a reality.

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Landscaping Erie, PA
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Landscaping Erie, PA
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Landscaping Erie, PA
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Landscaping Erie, PA
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Landscaping Erie, PA
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