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Water Features

Water Features Erie, PA

Great Water Features for Your Property

There are different types of water features that we can design and build in your property. But before we proceed with the design and installation, we carefully assess your outdoor space, needs and design preferences. This will help us come up with a perfectly designed water amenities that are not only stunning but therapeutic as well. We also consider other important factors such as the available space and topography of your property. Some features are best suited for large areas while the other types are only recommended for smaller spaces. Here are some of your options:

  • Ponds. Ponds are great water features to add in your property. However, not all landscapers in PA can build you natural-looking ponds. Their installation requires skills and in-depth knowledge of various elements, such as aquatic plants, fishes, and wildlife. The types of materials that will be used in their construction will also determine their longevity and attractiveness. At David's Landscaping and Design, we consider all these factors when creating your pond. We can design a fish pond, rock pond, or garden pond, depending on your preferences and needs.
  • Waterfalls. A simple waterfall can already make your outdoor area more appealing. And when you have professionally built waterfalls that mimic nature, your landscape or property will definitely stand out in your neighborhood. These water features are typically combined with other water elements such as ponds, artificial streams, pools, and fountains. If you want any of these features incorporated in your waterfall, just let us know. Our team will create the perfect setup to make your waterfall a mesmerizing sight in your landscape. You can also opt for pondless, cascading, or wall waterfall.
  • Water fountains. The most economical add-on on your landscape or property is a water fountain. It comes in various sizes and design options, so you can easily get one that will suit your need and design taste. If you want custom-designed water fountains, we can also help you. We have already handled numerous water fountain installation projects for homeowners in Erie, Corry, Waterford, and other cities in Pennsylvania. We can integrate them to your pools or ponds to create a more exciting outdoor scene.
  • Birdbaths. We highly recommend birdbaths for those who want to attract wildlife in their landscape. A birdbath is a simple addition but can provide a wonderful sight that no other landscape element can offer. This type of water feature is also best combined with ponds or fountains.

Creative Use of Water Feature Materials

The creativity of our people is one of the reasons why we are getting clients from nearby states such as Ohio and New York. Our design team has decades of experience in designing simple to complex water features. They know what type of materials to use on specific type of water feature and the best setup that will highlight its beauty. Even the sizes of boulders and rocks to be used on ponds or waterfalls are carefully selected to ensure the natural beauty of the features. We also combine different types of aquatic plants to achieve an interesting scene in your landscape.

Please call (814) 833-2600 or (814) 664-8803 so we can start discussing your preferred water features.

Small ponds, fountains, birdbaths, and more...
Water features...
To begin with a water feature is not for everyone, but whether it's only a small fountain, small pond or a cascading water fall, water does something that no other landscape material can. It adds drama and in some cases sound.

David's Landscaping and Design can design a pond that fish can live in, that has low maintenance. Water features are something that are just coming into their own and are very unique. We spend a lot of time in the outdoors and realize that the best-looking water feature is one that has a natural appearance. It must also fit into the whole design of your landscape.

Water Features
Water Features

Water Features

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