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Walkways, Nature Trails Gravel Path's and Land Clearing *in Erie Pa

Walkways Erie, PA

Trust PA's Most Trusted Contractor

At David's Landscaping and Design, you will get professionally designed walkways, nature trails, gravel paths, and other paved amenities. Our company has decades of experience in landscaping and property improvement, so you are guaranteed of reliable and durable outdoor structures. We make sure that they will last for years without needing major repairs or maintenance works. You only need to perform minor maintenance tasks such as cleaning and sealing to extend their useful life. These tasks will also help maintain the beauty of your walkways, garden paths, and other paved amenities.

If you want to get the services of a well-experienced contractor, please hire us. There is no other company in Pennsylvania to trust when it comes to designing and installing beautiful walkways, nature trails, gravel paths, and paved amenities in residential and commercial properties. You can browse our portfolio of completed projects in Corry, Erie, Waterford and other Pennsylvania areas to get some ideas on our creative skills and capabilities. Our clients from these areas are more than satisfied with how we improve the functionality and beauty of their outdoor spaces. Call us now at (814) 664-8803 or (814) 833-2600 so we can discuss your needs and plans for your backyard or property.

Carefully Designed and Expertly Installed

Improving the functionality, accessibility, and aesthetics of your property will be easier if you have David's Landscaping and Design. Our company will recommend outdoor features and amenities that will satisfy your needs. We also consider your budget when designing your paved amenities and outdoor structures. The common amenities that we recommend are walkways, nature trails, and gravel paths.

  • Walkways. Your walkways have vital functions in your landscape, so they must be installed in strategic places and built from topnotch materials. They don't just enhance the appeal of your entire landscaping but also improve the accessibility of the area. Most of the walkways we build are made from premium brick pavers. These are low-cost materials but offer durability and the appeal of expensive materials like natural stones. We may follow typical designs or create a custom-design that will complement with your landscape theme and other hardscape features.
  • Nature Trails. Our company is also capable of installing nature trails in private and commercial properties. If you have a large property, you need to install carefully planned paths or trails that will lead you and your guests to focal spots or important areas in the property. We recommend the use of bricks and natural stones to make the trails natural-looking and durable.
  • Gravel Paths. A cost-effective option that we recommend to clients is the installation of gravel paths in their property or landscaped area. Some people may shun this idea because they think that a gravel path will look bland and unattractive. But the truth is, a professionally designed gravel path can add character and unique appeal to an outdoor space. It will also help prevent water runoff and flooding.

David's Landscaping and Design can also work on other outdoor improvement projects. You can hire us to work on land clearing and site development. We can handle these tasks with great ease because of our complete tools and heavy-duty equipment. We also have enough manpower to work on large installation of walkways, nature trails, and gravel paths anywhere in PA. Please call us today.

Brick paver walkways, nature trails, gravel paths
In your landscaping plans you may want to consider adding a walking path. It is a real stress reliever and kids and family pets will love it too. If you have a large estate a path can be used as a cross country ski path or have us come in and snow blow it... Paths can be used year round and you'll be surprised how much wild life you'll see.

Brick paver walkways are another consideration. Great for keeping mud out of both residences and business as well as being more aesthetically pleasing to the eye than poured concrete. They can be installed in many different colors as well as patterns and designs. A very flexible option as compared to poured concrete. With the added cracking in the years to come.

Paver Walkways, Nature Trails, Gravel Paths

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